Che'lynne Martinelli

Video editing

A mini documentary I did of my best friend, she is an amazing artist so I wished to showcase her creativeness in the best way possible. She was a wonderful subject to work with, all of her reactions are genuine and real.

A project I did while working on my own self esteem, it is purely a video essay, but I worked hours and hours on the script and even the sound design to invoke a beautiful and emotional reactiong from the audience.

Content Creation

The following videos are actually content I created on my own personal time, they are based around my experiences and talents that I wanted to showcase. The video above is of my personal experiences in Korea, I wanted to showcase five culture shocks I had while studying in South Korea that weren't well known or talked a lot about.

One of my favorite hobbies is singing, so I love creating videos of singing my favorite songs. Before every song I sing I like to give an intro to it so that the audience has a little background on the song. I also personally translated and created the subtitles in Korean.

I had never tried my hand at a vlog so I wanted to try and make one when my Korean friend came to visit me in Washington. I try to caption most of my videos in Korean so that my friends in Korea can enjoy along with my friends here in America.